Once you get into it, you realize that it’s chemistry, it’s biology, it’s physiology



Seas and oceans, lakes and rivers, swimming pools and even our bathtubs.  There is emotional, behavioural, psychological and physical connection that keep humans so enchanted with water.

Did you know that actor Michael J. Fox made the career-changing decision to leave the hit show Spin City (and go on to launch the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research) after a surprise swim with a sea turtle?  Me either actually, until I looked up how water changes people and affects us.  

There is a great book that is written by author, Wallace J. Nichols, called “Blue Mind”. He is a marine biologist whose passion for our planet’s water goes far beyond the classroom. He urges us to get closer to water, not only for our own sake but for the environment and a healthier future for us all.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because a long time ago I realized I have a deep connection to water and although I knew I would struggle to live “Landlocked”, I just didn’t realize how connected to water I really was, yet sitting here I can say it started along time ago.

I was born in Chatham, Ontario, which straddles the Thames River. I am the astrological sign of “Cancer” and crabs love water.  And I can share poignant moments when I began to realize how my love for water has shaped my decisions, feelings, behaviour, choices and lifestyle.

I am in Omis, Croatia sitting within 200 meters of the Adriatic ocean.  Yesterday, the 5-Grants spent 10 hours on the water with Marco Laura (he owns a lovely boat and can read the waves and ‘cut’ them).  It was clear his boundless joy in the freedom of a wide open, big blue space, is an irresistible draw for him and for us.

IMG_1414 <Our man – Marco>

I can share: 4 years ago, I stood on the beach outside our beach house (Parksville) and said out loud my intention for change.  It was a life altering decision that has allowed me (& 5-us) “time” to be here for 2 months, spending 30 out of 60 days with Tony & Kasia in Poland & Croatia on the water.

<<<< NOTE: Anyone reading this would not say I have a “less is more life” but less was less of the work/A-type/’work-driven Janine’ that I use to be and more of life with my family and friends. I am presently typing this blog as I am eating grilled local carrots and potatoes from an outdoor BBQ pit at 9 pm with a glass of wine as ‘2nd dinner course” after Kasia’s lovely prawn and monk fish soup I ate 2 hours ago – now THAT is more for less of the old bits!!!>>>>>>>

The author of “Blue Mind”, Nichols suggests that being close to water can make us not only happier, calmer and more emotionally healthy, but also more successful in life, relationships and even business. By tapping into an evolutionary urge that lies dormant in us all, we can access a powerful mental capacity for greatness and our bodies crave it!

I can attest that we all were calmer, happier persons after we getting off Marco’s boat after 10 hours.  We merely showered the salt off our bodies and calmly sat outside in the quietness of the evening at 9:30 pm and had cheese, bread, wine, water and pistachos for dinner,,, simply sharing more time in quiet calm because we were more connected.  It was a response to water that the author Nichols, shared in his book:

“Our response to water is deep. “It’s human, it’s about life and it’s about survival.”

IMG_1362IMG_1366                     <my two daughters>


rockin’ bliss



the boys loves his water (& wife)….

And we simply….

IMG_1410 ARE