I missed the memo

silly motherinlaw

I missed the memo “Bring Wine, you’re having dinner with your Mother-in-Law (MIL).”

Apparently it was really a shitty deal for MIL that we 3 Grants went travelling for two months and shared one month as 5 Grants.

Did we send postcards? – YES.

Did we write emails? – YES.

Was it enough? – NO.

I have always known that MIL loves her one and only son more. His sisters have always joked he is ‘the favoured one’.   He (which includes me) have lived for 20+ years around the corner from said MIL and she loved having him close. I mean who else would take out her garbage? The last 5 years we have been within 45 minute drive away from her.  My husband, aka “the favoured one” did regular phone calls, lunches out, and helped solve TV remote control issues over the phone at 8 am.  He has been kind, patient and gracious and sees her at least once a week and pub lunches are abundant.

So… I sat there as MIL had at least a ten minutes rant about her abandonment by “us” – while talking at ME directly the entire time. Apparently, we can go away but only for one month at a time. (WTF? I thought we paid for this trip.)  I do believe it was said that there was no way I could understand not seeing your child for two months. (WTF? – my son lives in Poland).

I suppose I could have simply shut up and listened but I’m just not that kind of DIL.   Instead I reached for a glass of wine part way through MIL’s diatribe of abandonment and calmly acknowledged her feelings (See previous paragraph on how that went over.) When that didn’t work, I calmly reminded her that when she was in her 50’s, with children that were launched-adults, she and her husband travelled and did whatever, whenever, however.   I was politely corrected that travelling in a motorhome, going to Hawaii via a cruise and all that they did was NOT the same thing as our trip because we were in Europe. (again – WTF?).

Ahhhh family dinners?   Welcome home!!


P.S. I may have to mail a postcard to MIL from the next trip that states the following:

nice mother in law