Moving you say? Travelling we say!

Moving is not travelling…. but travelling is a form of moving.


Yes that’s right… to travel, as in we want to go from one place to another. We want to add “travels” to our life;  a series of journeys, destinations, places and people to see.  In order to travel, we will leave home for awhile.  There will be planes, trains and automobiles involved. Travelling is a form of moving.


We are not changing one permanent place of residence for another one. We are not changing location of our possessions.  We are not giving up our home or the cars in the garage.  Moving means you still have commitments like work or school in your new location, so again we are not moving!

You will not see any of this:

 a motor vehicle in motion changing location of our possessions

moving carmoving boxes

 boxes of our stuff moved to a new place of residence

We will definitely ‘travel’, as in a long distance journey, to Poland this year. We will be putting our clothes into a suitcase and taking those possessions on a temporary trip to see the newest Grant.  It will involve “movement” – not only our physical bodies from one place to another but the stirring of strong feelings and emotions.

We are Canadians and whilst Bernerd (my pillow) may leave home with us, along with our Canadian passports, our resident taxes will be filed in Canada.  No other residence for us.

AND yes… we will have the pleasure of being able to settle into an apartment to use as a base for our personal travelling sabbatical.  We will still get to enjoy doing laundry and dishes AND cooking for family and new friends during our journeys.  We will sample a platter of places and we will move between the nuclei of our children (& grandchild) as they are settled into where they live.  We will TRAVEL…

After all, we have our perfect travel buddy!

if you dont have one