What’s on our list…..

I have been writing in a “Five Star” notebook now since September 2015 (about 10 days after we came home from our 2 Months in Europe trip)…. it has taken on a possibilities of things to do, places to go dreaming.

So here’s the list, committed to We Are the Grants blog.   We will give this a try, in no particular order, whilst Dave and I circle the nuclei of our two children’s lives:

  1. Visit the Palace of Versailles
  2. drink champagne in Champagne, burgundy in Burgundy and bordeaux in Bordeaux
  3. see the castles of Budapest
  4. selfie in front of the leaning Tower of Pisa
  5. go cycling in the Netherlands
  6. Visit Pompeii and Herculaneum
  7. see castles in Germany
  8. Learn to make croissants in Paris
  9. see the statue of David in Florence from 3 angles
  10. visit the Vila Palace in Sintra, Portugal
  11. eat with locals in their home in cities we visit
  12. sail in Croatia
  13. hike in Paradise National Park – Slovakia
  14. walk between the villages – Cinque de Terra
  15. walking trip in Rota de Vincentina
  16. make pasta in Italy
  17. play airport roulette for a weekend trip
  18. walk some part of the Camino de Santiago
  19. go to Christmas market in Berlin
  20. geocache in Sagres (GS12CRJ)
  21. eat a traditional bouchon in Lyon (Canut et les Gones)
  22. wine taste in the Douro Valley
  23. listen to Fado with locals (Lisbon)
  24. picnic in Luxembourg Gardens (Paris)
  25. explore Alhambra in Granada, Spain
  26. bet on a horse at Palio in Sienna
  27. sleep in a canal boat in Amsterdam
  28. attend a European football match
  29. take a night train in a sleeper car
  30. see a castle Ezelpoort (Donkey’s gate) in Bruges
  31. take a tour in Gozo, Malta on a motorbike (quad)
  32. shop at local food markets
  33. explore the traboules in Lyon (tunnels in the city)
  34. go watch Las Fallas (Valencia)
  35. Stay in Hallsatta, Austria
  36. drink wine in Serbia
  37. take in free events where ever we are
  38. ride a scooter around Paris

Turns out I am answering the question that I have been asking for the last few years… “what do I want to be when I grow up?”… partly to define my own limits and partly to broaden my world.  Dave’s in for an interesting journey!

bucket list

When 5 Grants became 6 Grants

It was a moment of clarity.

Look I’m not the first to become a Grandma, Nana, G-ma, Granny or whatever else a woman not quite 50 is to her wee Grandson. But you have this moment when your first born, a son, becomes a father to his son. Watching him tentatively hold his son and stare at this wee person he and his wife created. To have the pleasure of picking him up out of his cot as he’s sleeping, touching his wee full head of blonde/reddish hair. Or passing him to his Mom for feeding and watching this bond of love and awe in her eyes, remembering when this man sitting next to her was your wee creature over two decades ago.

Yes it’s clarity. What matters is the continuance of family.

Happy Birth day to my first Grandson. Welcome to the world of “We Are The Grants”