I missed googling ‘the list’


Turns out there is a list you can enlist Mr. Google’s help on when you are considering leaving your day to day life and hitting the road on a 10 month sojourn to travel. Yah… well I totally missed that step.

I did think about where we (insert Janine) wanted to go. I thought about what we wanted to accomplish. However, the word accomplish sounded more like the ending of ‘a thing’ so I scrapped that concept. Instead I went for ‘have a purpose’. As much as roaming endlessly and going with the flow and having suggestions put forth to not plan, I couldn’t entirely wing it.

Our purposeful travelling will include:
– walking / hiking
– learning to cook with a local new types of food
– slow travel: plunking ourselves in a place longer than 2 or 3 nights
– staying active and fit
– motorbike riding
– meet new friends
– being outside our comfort zone

There’s a list of documents that we needed to sort out so that we can obtain a long-stay tourist Visa from France.  That will allow us to stay in the Schengen countries beyond a 90 day period.  We don’t have to stress where we are going and for how long.   Our passports are notarized and our date set to visit the French Consulate in Vancouver.

We still have to ‘manage’ our life here, the roof over our heads for when we return.   Keep our tenants sorted and find a way to pay the bills.

Our budget is established thanks in part to a wonderful family that will be renting our place for the 10 months we are away.  It’s a healthy budget – thank you to people who need a place to stay during their renovation on their penthouse!

Airfare, accommodation and local transportation – yes these are 1/2 way taken care of.  We have travel insurance.

So we are in firm in the date to leave and still open to what we’ll be doing for April, May and June 2017…. which means I shall stop blogging and get back to dreaming where to go!