When 5 Grants became 6 Grants

It was a moment of clarity.

Look I’m not the first to become a Grandma, Nana, G-ma, Granny or whatever else a woman not quite 50 is to her wee Grandson. But you have this moment when your first born, a son, becomes a father to his son. Watching him tentatively hold his son and stare at this wee person he and his wife created. To have the pleasure of picking him up out of his cot as he’s sleeping, touching his wee full head of blonde/reddish hair. Or passing him to his Mom for feeding and watching this bond of love and awe in her eyes, remembering when this man sitting next to her was your wee creature over two decades ago.

Yes it’s clarity. What matters is the continuance of family.

Happy Birth day to my first Grandson. Welcome to the world of “We Are The Grants”

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