Well hello YIN & YANG



We (as in Dave and I) are 8 sleeps away from experimenting with a new found Wanderlust.   I’m excited and yet I have also come face-to-face with one other aspect that was honestly not on my radar too much leading up to this adventure:


I have been hugged so long and tightly by friends and family in the last week that I am very much aware of what we are leaving here.

It’s not the physical stuff that sits in this house but our people!

Yes we will have the 6 Grants all within a one hour time zone of each other.  England, Poland  and all of the “Where in the World is Dave” places.   But… because that’s how life is, there is Dave’s Mother, sisters, niece, my sister, my nephews, this huge listing of friends that we share dinner, laughs and of course wine with.   We will miss the invites and being able to invite;  the last minute bbq’s.  The impromptu knock on the door and hearing “hey here I am, you must have missed me!”

And of course we will miss their hugs!



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