5 months old AND 1 week for me

Robert’s 5 months old and this is a blog post to him…..

You laugh because you are simply a happy baby.

You smile these huge smiles when you see your beautiful Mother walk into the room.

You smell sweet from the bath.

You make your talking babbling noises and everyone talks back to you.

You make all five of your Grants stop and just watch you simply “because”.

You have fluffy hair that blows in the summer breeze.

You smile in your sleep.

Your toothless grin is infectious.

You wriggle your toes often.

You are drooling as you are almost ready to pop your first tooth.

You love your sou-soou (soother).

You dislike riding in the car unless it’s moving.


Your Granny Babs has fallen in love with you!




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