When Was the Last Time You Did Something For the First Time?

Thing Two – Lara Grant – This will change your life

Here’s the amazing university you shall call home for the next 3 years – Keele University


I guess if the degree in Physiotherapy doesn’t work you, you could always go for a Major in Magic.

 (I do know that by default Magic will simply happen anyway!)

img_2531 img_2530 img_2552


You will learn Art of course – starting with the Art of Negotiation (4 young women sharing this toilet/bathroom space – need I say more?)

img_0164 img_0165AND I ask you – who exactly will replace the empty Toilet paper roll?


You will appreciate MATH when you read “2 for 1” and find this fits your budget perfectly and when it proves that you cannot afford a CAT!

You will learn that some people are put on this earth to test your Anger Management skills.


You will sometimes find yourself in a tight squeeze – which is exactly what will be needed to fit your CLOTHES into this closet space!



You will remember your Mother saying that your kitchen will ONLY ever be this clean once and that’s the day you move in!

img_2553 img_2554


** You are braver than you believe **

** Stronger than you seem **

** Smarter than you think **

And Loved More Than You Know

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