Things from the first 100 days

Since we have left there are quite a few things that we have learned along the way.  Sure.. I have been sharing pictures on Facebook and Instagram and putting some interesting tidbits on these along the way.  BUT there is only so much that a picture can convey and share of these emotional happy moments, as captured by a picture.

Here’s some things about our first 100 days in words:

  1. A delay in a flight or train really isn’t a big deal when you don’t have anywhere you really need to be.
  2. Making dumplings is a form of ART – alas eating them is just pure pleasure.
  3. You do not magically pick up a language by hiding in your rented apartment or hotel room because you are too scared to talk to people.
  4. You do not always need to be suspicious of people – unless you are in Napoli (sorry to the Napoletane).
  5. Orange is the new black as far as shower curtains go in one apartment we rented in Lisbon.
  6. We are not meant to ride scooters in Italy.
  7. Patience can be developed – it requires a change in your attitude about life.
  8. Not getting up for work everyday is like having a life of Saturdays.
  9. You really need to know how to squat if you want to use a public toilet
  10. Traveling REALLY is a privilege.
  11. Wake up early – honest hardworking people wake up early; touts, scammers, and criminals sleep in
  12. Not always wearing a Canadian flag can be a good thing – you won’t stand out as a tourist when walking through a park where people are shooting drugs into their veins
  13. Eat local food – it’s often the best quality and the best price.
  14. Sometimes you have to embrace anarchy.
  15. Sunshine, no matter what the temperature outside, makes people happy.
  16. If anyone goes out of their way to help you at train station, they most likely are doing it for their own benefit not yours.
  17. Pack your own pillow – there’s a lot of shitty beds and pillows you will sleep on.
  18. You can actually visit too many churches.
  19. Pack less stuff. Trade Less stuff to have more experiences.
  20. You can judge a place by how good it’s public transport in the form of local buses are.
  21. Portuguese people are really friendly.
  22. Drink local wine & beer.
  23. Find a farmer’s market to buy your food.
  24. No one really gives a shit about Donald Trump as President too much, outside the USA.
  25. Pack a small umbrella – it does rain at the most inopportune moments.
  26. You really do learn a lot about your relationships when you are away for over 3 months.
  27. The world is a lot more interesting with people of varying interests and beliefs.
  28. We don’t miss the PVR and the TV.
  29. Making new friends is fun but so is appreciating the friends you have at home.
  30. Some of the lessons Dave and I have learned cannot be shared in black and white, they were experienced.
  31. Human capacity for happiness is often quite flexible.
  32. The best part of a country or culture is sometimes also the worst part.
  33. Uncertainty can be a good thing – it helps you evolve.
  34. Language barriers are easily overcome with a bit of charades.
  35. Travel, like life, is personal.
  36. You can gain perspective on certain things you thought mattered.
  37. You end up with some pretty cool stories to tell.

It’s been a Grant-Adventure the First 100 days

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