A little blogging negligence

Yes, I’ve been totally negligent to the We Are The Grants website, sharing the update and random miscellaneous thoughts.

Quite a few things have happened in the last 2 full months since I wrote the last blogs whereby we had hit 100 days of travelling.  Dave and I are now more than 1/2 way through this journey, completed 2016 with all 6-Grants together and started a new year and for us, that which feels like our ‘next 5 year’ beginning.

The truth is that life changes – for us it seems to be incremental around ‘5 years’.  We took the ending of one time period to begin this Grant-Adventure and have discovered a whole new ‘us’ within the questions of  Who, What, Where, When, Why.

WHO: that’s pretty clear… there are two people in this relationship that move around the many orbiting planets entitled ‘family’ and ‘friends’.  We are defined by the first relationship of ‘spouse’ and then comes parent, grandparents, sibling, friend, cousin, Aunt, Uncle etc.

WHAT:  as in what did this trip do?  What have we learned? What does the next bit look like? What should we do?  What plans should we make…. and the what, what, what… question that turned into multiple.

WHERE:  We have two places that on paper seem to fit our where.  Vancouver is our home and we have many connections to this place and there is an inherent need to be near water, as in a huge large body of water.  Of course Torun keeps us heart grounded in a way that being a Grandparent should.  So where seems to have two answers for us also.

WHEN: Being Vancouver-homeless was an issue at least until June 30th when the lease on our place was due with the current family in it.  When has been moved up because graciously our one tenant has complained enough about ‘noise’ issues that their lease will not be renewed and thus gave us a change to say ‘let’s downsize’ and that means a 1 bedroom space and we have to pay more than lip service to ‘less is more’ life.   Thankfully the current tenant in our 3 bedroom space wants to stay – so bonus to us and when is June 18th when we land back in Vancouver and sleeping in another bed we are buying! 

WHY: because we took 10 months to explore possibilities and that we wrote down on paper what our needs were and that gave us a chance to change plans.  “Why” became the “who” which gave us “where” that gave us “when” and only lead to a whole lot of “What”.


2 thoughts on “A little blogging negligence

  1. Jenny says:

    Janine, I’ve just attended my first “vision party”, admittadly with a sceptical mind at first…but turned out I had a great time. I’d love for my life to keep being as adventurous and open minded as yours for many years to come. Looking forward to having you back in Van and hearing all the stories. X

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