A Polish Winter December 2016 & January 2017

After my lapse in blogs, for those wanting to know what we have been doing…. here’s our two Months in the Polish winter.

The Christmas season was, of course, Robert’s 1st Christmas.  I’m sure it was just another day but with some ‘new toys’ thrown in and a lot of ‘playtime’.  Being ONE of the 4 Grandparents, I loved it and was happy to share our time in one place as we got the Polish Christmas Eve at Kasia’s parents and then Christmas day at Tony & Kasia’s and her family joined for that dinner. Breaking bread and eating – we Grants do that well!  And for you, dear reader, a couple of “My First Christmas” moments of this wonderful boy:









We had 6-Grant moments in Greece, which by the way was THE coldest in the last 50 years – they had snow?!  Who knew that when it was planned, thinking 15+ degrees, would turn out closer to 1 degree.   No matter, we loved dinner of the best lamb that Kasia and I made in the oven on NYE with lovely wine and ringing in the New Year together.  (Sidebar – there was a bit of Metaxa involved for Two male Grants and a fire extinguisher but I think that was closer to 5 am on NY Day).

With all 6-Grants together, Lara was “Auntie, Daughter and Sister” in the 3 weeks she spent with us.  There is nothing better than being able to hug your sweet child that you are watching mature and come into her own away from you at University.   She is still our happy, bright, beautiful self:

There are things that you learn when you travel and set up a place that will be a ‘2nd home’ (with beds owned in both countries as the definition of ‘home’)

For my fellow Canadian family and friends reading this, a few interesting bits of life in Poland:

  • You are not in line if you are not physically touching the person in front of you or behind you – to which I heard it said but experienced this in the grocery store, Biedronka and the woman behind me had a nagging cough.
  • If someone doesn’t have their headlights on you flash yours at them. We seem to have an ‘auto’ button on our cars in Canada – not so much here.  We have been ‘flashed’ more times than we care to admit – now we are the flashers!
  • We no longer think it is strange that beer and water are the same price – this is NOT a complaint – just saying!
  • As a passenger – when stepping out of the car – you open the door, look down for dog shit and if all clear – step out.
  • You cannot go to the store and buy rice crackers or chocolate chips.
  • Coal is sold in hardware stores – so much for all of us in Canada trying to be environmentally conservative – they have to heat their homes with coal and wood here.
  • Please don’t say “pierogies’.  Pierogi is already the pluralized form of the singular “pierog’.

Lastly, we have not experienced the ‘snowy’ cold winter we thought we would get.  It’s dry and cold and we are looking forward to a February and March in all parts of Portugal.  Increasing the ‘weather’ by an extra 15 degrees – I shall have warmer feet!!!

Off we go…. road tripping via planes, trains and automobiles and a bit of our own two feet….




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