Sailing, sailing – Mazury the land of 2,000 lakes


Life is meant to be lived… this was once again confirmed by the sailing in Mazury that my lovely Polish daughter organized for us.

The history of the area and lakes is quite amazing when compared to our country, Canada. While Mazury is well known for 2,000 lakes it has been home to Pagans, Old Prussians and Teutonic Knights.  It has been known as the Kingdom of Prussia and a German Empire.  Russia and Germany have tried to conquer the people and the land but Polish people prevailed.  The historical significance during WW2 is evident still today with the long lasting bunkers that were erected by German soldiers and of course Hitler’s infamous “Wolf’s Lair” is here.

Overall a history lesson in the present day of our sailing trip!

We spent our days sailing with Kasia at the helm being directed by Karol. Conversation ranged from favourite Polish meals to the immigration crises affecting Europe and how to sail. We read books in the quiet stillness when there was little wind and played crib and monopoly (unsuccessfully)  What we all shared in common and pure quiet stillness enjoying the sunshine and the beauty of sailing on the lakes.

The Prussians managed to connect the lakes with canals allowed us to sail from Sztynort to dock at night at night in Gizycho and back again through to Sztynort.

We all got off the boat after three days and I’m still a bit wobbly legged today.  Kasia organized a brilliant trip for the family!  (THANK YOU!!)


Police pull up... we think because you cannot drink and operate a boat,,, checking this situation...

Police pull up…

Turns out friends, shooting the shit!

shooting the shit

IMG_0588 IMG_0586

These are the engineered canals that connect the lakes.

IMG_0503 IMG_0504

A woman’s work is never done (Captain Karol) and Kasia at the Helm!

An amazing 3 days of sailing!


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