Two Months? What the Hell?!

Why 2 Months?  Because it seemed like a good idea when I dreamed it up 18 months ago….

Airlines points existed and were screaming “use me, use me”.  Tony and Kasia are in Europe and we miss them.  Passport, Pillow and credit card all in order.  So why the hell not?

I am amazed at the look of astonishment on some faces after I answer their question “how long are you going for?”  YES, Vancouver is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to spend the summer.  YES we are going to be missing the beach house and waking up to the ocean.  YES that is a long time to be away from family and friends.  YES it is a lot of planning and details to make sure bills are paid, grass cut.

Now wait for it – the infamous BUT…..

BUT… two days ago I was sitting in my naturopath’s office and the universe confirmed my decision to say “what the hell, let’s go for 2 months”.  A lovely 72 year old woman was commenting out loud to the Doctor about her upcoming trip to Europe via a cruise ship.   It was going to take her to all the places she really wanted to visit when she was younger, but just never made the time to do.   Now her ‘older body’ needed the comforts and ease of travelling, so it was a cruise.  She lamented about how she should have done more, seen more, experienced more when she was younger.

So, here we are – Leaving in 10 days for a 60 day European Adventure!  What the hell… let’s do this!


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