What Kind of Fuckery is This?

I have to ask – who made these directions up??!!  Note the word – 6 miles… yes we were prepared for this walk.  Had the walking shoes.  Have a map OS 151 – seemed good to me.  But really… read the words:

“follow the elevated path”… mmm where was that?

“follow the left hand boundary of the field to the corner and head down the slope”

Oh AND THIS one is great: “This section is now very poorly maintained with long grass and nettles and a path that is no longer obvious”… Now that is the FUCKERY!?!!

Here’s a couple of pictures of us trying to tried to find these amazing directions given to us:

IMG_0766 IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0776

Now what you see is Lara walking along the road… simple enough.  Dave coming out of one path that leads to no where.  The open field that had a path leading to it (probably for farm workers) and the path of enlightenment if we chose to take one of them!

Eventually after doubling back a few times, we had to choose the car path and we walked about 2 miles down a major road (not idyllic scenery as semi-trucks and buses are whooshing by us)… as we follow a road map!

Welcome to our next scavenger hunt of clues to how to find things….


peeing at monument


find telephone pole


go thru gate # 8


oh under 2 telephone poles




Find castle house


could have ridden a horse?


So you ask WHY the title of “fuckery”… I just believe that the English directions for travelling by the footpaths through their country need to add this extra word to the dictionary under “fuckery walking holidays”.  The definition to include “scavenger hunt like clues for walking through the English country side, where paths may or may not be found”.

After all… you recall the beginning picture that said 6 miles – here’s our end result and both Dave and I believe we are on the fairly intellectual side of reading English… and our cummulative total was:

IMG_0797    Fuckery Walking Holidays!



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