Burn Your Boats


When Alexander the Great arrived on the shores of Persia his army was overwhelmingly outnumbered. Yet he gave the orders to his men to burn the boats. As their only means of retreat went up in flames.  When walking the Cotswolds – Burn Your Boats.  Head down and onward (sometimes through shit) you go!


The Cotswolds became prosperous in the middle ages from wool production.  Trust me – bleating sheep, stepping around and sometimes in sheep shit and the vast grassy hills IS the Cotswolds.  Of course, I do not discount the beauty of the towns like: Broadway, Chipping Camden to name but two.  Beautiful villages with pretty cottages.

We started this morning walking from Broadway.  So very different to the street we live a block away from in Vancouver.  It’s a quaint village that sells everything from walking gear, postcards, wool sweaters and a good place to stop for a cup ‘o tea!

Three Grants walked up a hill from the village of Broadway to Broadway Tower. Walking with sheep shit sticking to our feet while admiring the AMAZING views.   It was quiet with the natural sounds of sheep bleating, which is quite nice actually.  We loved the horse, of course, as we anticipated feeding an animal or two, we had apples in our back pack.   Here is the trek up:



IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0823When you take your daughter on a walk – it turns out she reads books along the way – at least it’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” and is reading poignant parts out loud along our walk…..


What did I enjoy about the walk – these routes that were the Cotswolds way…. lovely walking with your own thoughts (and Lara talking of course!).

IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0827

IMG_0835 IMG_0838




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