“When it doesn’t feel right, go left”



There is something about putting one foot in front of the other and simply walking, moving forward or sometimes as I did today, shuffling sideways in shorts through wheat fields.

You think about the breakfast you had and that it finally wasn’t yet another round of English breakfast with sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes and toast.   You think about the wheat production and the mini wheats that you use to eat as a kid, as you are walking through one wheat field after another.  You contemplate the ways to walk around cow shit.  You think of the paths you are walking and how many others have walked them before you.

Conversation with us on this ‘walking holiday’ usually commences with what we each read during our coffee and breakfast time, our faces pressed into newspapers, Globe and Mail on line, twitter and Facebook.  Often the stories involve Europe, the IMF, USA politics (Donald Trump is amusing us), local weather news and our Canadian dollar in the toilet.  We read all of the events we have been out of touch with:  Droughts, forest fires, the fall of the Chinese stock market, oldest giant panda turning 37 years old and a multitude of other events that have ‘happened’ that we missed the day before.

Somehow we manage to get all of the ‘reality’ aspects from our morning reading out of the way of discussion within the first 20 minutes walking.  Then begins the pure joy of simply walking.

Today we were filled with one path after another.  We walked over 7 miles (11.5 km).  Our bodies loved it, our minds appreciated it and we know that tomorrow is our last day of the walking holiday.  We are choosing the path of left when we are unable to go right.  And as Albert Einstein said, “When it does feel right, go left.  The one who follows the crowd will go no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before.”

The many paths we walked:



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