If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking.


Here’s the right direction we faced in the last couple of days…

Through country sides, through villages, in mud, in grass, visiting a falconry, wearing rain coats, wearing t-shirts (on the same day)….


IMG_0848Dover Hill with more sheep!

Hoo Cottage




Hoo Cottage

And when it rains in England… we went inside:

Sudeley Castle where King Henry VIII’s last wife, Queen Catherine Parr lived with her husband after King Henry.  The current, Lady Elizabeth Ashcombe opens it up to the public (probably to help pay the HUGE upkeep on this castle).




And then we crack on more walking….

IMG_0981 IMG_0985 IMG_0987 IMG_0989 IMG_0991

How does one realize that they are going the right direction?  Well there often is no predetermined destiny… just a matter of the journey.

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