To Wear or Not to Wear?

Canada-Flag-Open-e1358696598990This morning I read an article written by Alexander Besant in the Globe and Mail.  “Calling all Canadians: Slice that maple leaf off your back pack.”

The article made me give pause to WHY I choose to have a Canadian flag on my luggage and a backpack while travelling.

Travelling as a Canadian and having a flag on backpacks is a personal choice.  We can be proud of our nationality and despite what the article states that we are perceived merely as “just nice and friendly and maybe that’s all we can ask for”, we are A LOT more.

We wear toques.  We wear runners.  We are familiar with parkades. We clean our eavestroughs.  Our sinks have garburators. We buy homo-milk and colour with pencil crayons.  We have friends who live in bachelor apartments.  We use Icing sugar to ice our cakes.   We have all worked with a ‘keener’.  If you arrive at a party with a mickey and a two-four, you will probably end up too hooped to drive home.

Our summers are filled with no-see-ums, freezies and all-dressed chips.  We bitch about the price of hydro and are still surprised to see cereal boxes with English-only on them.

While there is a good rule of thumb when travelling not to stick out as a foreigner for safety reasons.  How is that possible when we say “Eh” and when asked where we are from we measure distance in time “I live an hour outside of Vancouver”.

When I see the Canadian flag in the mirror from my backpack or as my luggage with the the Canadian flag pops up on the carousel at an airport – I am proud of my nationality as a ‘traveller’.   The point of travelling is to meet locals and have locals meet you.  We connect as individuals and we do represent Canada when we enter another country. Why not proudly say “I’m Canadian” with a well recognized maple leaf?

I love being a Polite Canadian, who lines up, wears thongs on my feet and travels with chocolate bars in my maple leaf logo’d backpack!

Fill Your Boots… Wear that flag proudly and Give’r!

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