28 Years of “Being Grant”


When I woke up this morning I thought back to waking up 28 years ago, apart from the locale of Ladner to Leeds, I woke up then as a DeClercq and this morning, it was as a Grant.

28 years of “being Grant” has been quite a journey thus far. I am grateful for the gentleness of the young-24 year old man I married on August 8th. I appreciated then as I do now, his kind thoughtfulness, his unconditional love, his humour, his ability to always put one foot in front of the other and get on with things regardless of the challenge.   He remains just as his namesake demands, ‘stand fast’ with all that he does and those he loves. I simply fell in love and know that 28 years later, we love each more and are far more grounded.

Who would have 2nd guessed our jump into marriage, purchase of a house and being mortgage poor at 21 and 24? That our first trip for a month to Europe within our first year of marriage would lead to one of our biggest arguments standing in the streets of Munich. Or that I recall how many years we are married, by adding 5 to Tony’s age? We created two children: Tony who connected us and Lara who made us a family.

I have garnered so much being a Grant. I have a HUGE family adding to my ‘sisterhood’ that I share with Jana, with the addition of Dave’s 5 sisters. I learned what it is like to cook for over 15 people as a typical ‘family’ dinner.   I have lived up to the marriage vow “thou must know how to make gravy”! (No one said anything about making coffee, for which I am notoriously bad at!)

We have travelled the world together. We have family and friends that share our love of good food and wine. We shared the loss of Dave’s Father, brother, brother-in-law.   We watched our nieces and nephews get married and have children. We danced together, laughed together, got frustrated and angry together. Taught our children to “like” and “love”.   We rode the wave of ‘marriage’ which gives you all kinds of ‘moments’ of ups and downs, we chose to do that ‘together’.

Today we have travelled from Leeds, through to the National Peak District. Driving through villages with names Chapel-en-le-Firth, Stocksbridge, and Hope (and not the one we are familiar with in BC). We were walking once again through cow pastures to climb the high peak of Mam Tor and sat and watched hang gliders come off the ridge on a sunny summer day.

AND tonight we will put our heads down on a pillow sharing a bed on a farm in Macclesfield, after having a lovely dinner out that neither one of us cooked to celebrate all we have shared in 28 years.  We will be doing all of this together.

Whilst I do not have any clue where we will be in one year, two years or five years from now on August 8th, I do know that “being Grant” will be who I am, along with celebrating another year of marriage “being Grant” with Dave!




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