Old City with New Friends

York, England… Old, Old, Old.  History abounds here.


First off we are renting this amazing house through Claire with Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/6643331

Before we arrived, I was planning ‘cooking’ time and buying groceries, something that I have missed doing. We are staying just outside of the old city walls of York.  What an incredibly beautiful city.  As we walk into the city centre we walk by this every day:


Clifford Tower

Our trip to “old” York begins the ‘new’ as we are here to start the exploration of the possible universities that Lara has chosen to visit for her journey after high school.   York St. John is a historical school that was established in 1841.  We also met with our new friends that we met on the Christmas/New Year cruise we were recently on.  They drove from their home in Scotland and shared this rental house with us for a couple of days.  We were given “Scotland” basket of treats and enjoyed several of them including Haggis and Bread pudding (best bread pudding with fish I have ever sampled – THANK YOU!!) As for the Haggis it wasn’t as unfriendly as I thought it would taste and we did enjoy it as part of our dinner one night.  Now the Whiskey was lovely as were the homemade treats Elaine made for us.

Together, we visited and climbed York Minister the lovely old cathedral.  David and Elaine shared their story of the last time they climbed to the top of the cathedral – she was pregnant with their son, Adam.  Now Adam joined the the journey:


We shared history of ourselves and family and friends.  We got to know our Scottish friends and we hope that they enjoyed getting to know their Canadian friends in the beautiful old city of York.

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