40 days and 40 nights


We are now a full 40 days into our trip. This was an exercise in extended travel for our family of 3 Grants. How have we done?

– We watch a whole lot of NO TV. That has been great.  It did help that we were in Poland for the first 21 days.  Having said that, we watched a rather interesting reality show about Polish farmers searching for a wife.

– We still have had access to Internet in the mornings and evenings but do not ‘live’ with technology always available as we do when at home.  So we have been more active outside and had we not been in England for the last 19 days, we would have a great tans!

– We have learned to bathe in coin operated showers; correctional facility-type showers; showers with no flow when a toilet gets flushed; showers that spray water all over the floor; showers that are smaller than a phone booth and….. in TUBS – oh glorious tubs of hot water that make you stop and actually SOAK!

– Walking, which by now you have read about how much we have walked.  What happens to your body and mind when you walk is you actually connect with nature and are forced to simply slow down.

– Shoes.  Apart from travelling with 2 pairs each (and flip flops), we are programmed now to check the bottoms of our shoes because we have stepped in sheep shit, cow shit and horse shit.  Gives a new meaning to ‘shit happens’.

–  All that walking has lead to PUBS!!!  How do you walk through England and not find a pub? The beauty is the beer and cider are cold and even some amazing bottles of wine.  The food tasted better as we often sat outside.  We had locals talking to us and we were often educating them on the size of Canada.  I have to go back to one of my first blogs and when we are asked ‘where in America we are from’ and our Canada answer is given.  Everyone does view Canada differently than USA – so wear that Canadian flag proudly!!

– Packing, unpacking and re-packing.  Ode to the invention of Ziplock packing bags.  In our choice to travel with one suitcase for a full 60 days, the only way this has been possible has been to suck every last bit of square inch and millimetre out of the bag of clothes by stuffing them into these miracle bags, sucking any air around them and reducing them to the size of a piece of  toast.


– Time management is a good thing when planes, trains and automobiles are involved.  I have really wanted to sleep in a few times in some of the glorious beds that we have slept in.  Time to go means the iPhone clock is set early and off we go.

– We appreciate the ‘don’t stress the little things’.  There has been many instances where we watched others around us totally bugged out over something that was beyond their control.

– Pillows, pillows, pillows… everyone who knows me will see the green pillow – travelling with me and on a bed:



(this bed was wonderful and did not need my travel pillow)



Not every place understands the importance of how a person appreciates a PILLOW!


It’s been a fun and crazy trip thus far… 20 more days and nights to go and 3 Grants become 5 Grants again!!!


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