It begins with a thought on “The Friendly Giant & a Harpist”

friendly giant

Today’s blog starts begins with the TV program I watched as a child – The Friendly Giant and a Harpist.

I read an article called, “The Harpist and The Harp” by Annie Rosenberg.  She shared memories of her mother- The Harpist.  A Mother, who played her harp in Operas and ballets but was famous for playing the harp music in the opening theme music for the TV program: The Friendly Giant.

The writer shared that her friend’s parents came home at six o’clock and did ‘the grind’, as I call it: dinner, homework, TV, bedtime stories, laundry.  Her Mother sailed out of the house, often at 6 pm, lipsticked and perfumed, black skirts swirling around her, to play a show.  Annie Rosenberg’s memories of a Mother’s career and her lovingly moments with her, shared life having a different a mother compared to her friends more traditional parents.

Anyone reading my blog knows I’m a non-traditional parent having the role of ‘going to work Mom’ while Dave had the ‘stay home Dad’ role.  Not so uncommon today but certainly it was 15 years ago.

So what will my children say? What will my Grandchildren write?  All I know is that I have loved being a non-traditional Mother to my kids.  Our interesting life maybe leading us on a journey of new adventures, with a daughter wanting to be in Europe for school and a son and his wife already there.  We will have new adventures as their parents where they are the nucleus of the world(s) in which Dave and I swirl around.   Moving within their worlds of school, jobs, being future parents themselves.   It’s exciting to dream of what to do and how to manage our time and work life. So what does the next 5 years look like?

It starts with a dreaming list of places, ideas, ways.

  • Housesitting
  • Having a purpose like hiking; cooking with locals; slow travel; motorbike riding; learning
  • Train travel
  • Weather research
  • Eat out in locally own restaurants only (no chains)
  • Teach English for free for free cooking lessons
  • Wine: Portugal, Spain, Georgia, Serbia, Italy – to name by a few
  • Farmer markets
  • Coimbra – Skopje – Sibiu – Kosice – Kutna Hora – Cesky Krumlov – Ohrid – Nis

I know one thing for certain that my children (and future Grandchildren) will share – ‘her favourite possession was her passport!’

passportused passport

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