Rights, Right?





We are 1 week away from the Federal Election in Canada.  Once upon a time as a woman, I would not be allowed to vote.   Canada also did not allow Aboriginals, Doukhobours, Hindus, Chinese, Japanese or Prisoners to vote.

Fast forward to 2015 and I am privileged to have been born a Canadian and live in a Democracy where, under Section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I am guaranteed the democratic right to vote!


Sure, I can be like many other Canadians who believe there are times that our political system is NOT for the people but that we are secondary to the economy. I do bitch and complain based upon how our Premier is running things.  I may feel that we do not have a really good candidate that I really WANT to vote for.  Yet, I still stand up and exercise the right that many people before me fought to attain – the right to vote.

In addition, my freedoms ensure I will never have to question my personal right to:

  • Open a bank account
  • Own Property
  • Have a job of my choice
  • Have custody of my child(ren)
  • Inherit property
  • Sue in court
  • Divorce
  • Buy wine or beer in a pub
  • Gamble

OR to even BE a Politician!!!

I thank all those who fought for the right I have today and I encourage everyone to VOTE – express an opinion – regardless of why / how / what that looks like.  It’s your democratic privilege!

Thank you to Radio Freethinker / Artizans.com for this:

Moudakis Cartoon

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